Balkan Singing Workshops

Tatiana has conducted Balkan singing workshops in cities across the United States, and has worked with a wide range of vocal and performance ensembles, ranging from professional singers to actors to non-professionals. To schedule a session, please contact Tatiana by phone or email:

301-728-5773 (cell)

301-865-2159 (landline)


Tatiana Sarbinska is one of the world's leading experts on the performance of Balkan folk singing. A gifted teacher, she has directed groups, music events, and workshops in the USA since 1991. She currently serves as artistic director to three ensembles, two in Boston and one in Washington DC, and has recently held workshops at Boston University, the New England Conservatory of Music, and the Boston Conservatory.



Here's an introduction to the ensembles Tatiana currently directs:


Divi Zheni (Wild Women)

Boston, MA

Divi Zheni is a Bulgarian women's chorus and orchestra, founded by Tatiana Sarbinska in 2000. With 25 current members, all of whom fell in love with Balkan singing at some point in their lives, Divi Zheni's repertoire includes scores of multi-part pieces, village songs, complex a-cappella pieces, and fuller-textured and more urbanized dance songs. The group has performed at festivals, dances, concerts, and workshops in New England, New York, and on tour in Bulgaria, performing in Sofia, Koprivshtista, Plovdiv, Blagoevgrad and Chepelare.



Divi Zheni in Concert November 2009

Tatiana Conducting Divi Zheni, Nov 2009





Zornitsa and Tatiana




Zornitsa (Morning Star)

Boston, MA

Zornitsa was founded by Tatiana Sarbinska in 1992, and is America's first group of men who sing traditional and urban Bulgarian songs. Zornitsa performs at New England international folk music events, and has traveled twice to Bulgaria, in 2000 & 2005, to perform at the Koprivshtitsa Folk Festival, at the State Opera House in Blagoevgrad, and on Bulgarian National Television.




Orfeia (Orpheus)

Washington, DC

Orfeia, founded in 2007 by Tatiana Sarbinska, performs traditional unaccompanied vocal music from the Balkans and neighboring regions. The members of Orfeia are American women who are united in their love of this beautiful music. Orfeia's debut performances were in Washington DC, and, also in Sofia, Blagoevgrad and Chepelare, Bulgaria.


Tatiana Sarbinska and Orfeia in Concert, Sofia, Bulgaria

Tatiana & Orfeia, October 2007



In addition to these three groups which Tatiana currently directs, she has provided direction to many other Balkan vocal groups in the US, including:

Kitka - San Francisco

Libana - Boston

Planina - Colorado

Born to Drone - California

Slaveya - Washington, DC

Chereshka - California

West Wind - San Francisco

If you would like to contact Tatiana regarding working with a vocal ensemble or performance event, please contact her by phone or email:

301-728-5773 (cell)

301-865-2159 (landline)